Watermelon Moonshine Recipe


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Hey everybody, how’s it going? My name is Kyle Brown with Clawhammer Supply – Makers of premium, all copper, moonshine still kits. Today we’re going to show you how to make some watermelon brandy. What you’re going to need for this, as far as ingredients go, umm, are, uhh, 5 gallon sized watermelons, a bag of raisins, a couple pounds of raisins, 2 pounds of cane sugar, and 2 packets of bread yeast. As far as equipment goes what you’re going to need, uhh, are, a blender, a cutting board and a knife, a 5 gallon bucket with a paint strainer, a colander, or a cheesecloth to strain the pulp from the juice, uhh, um, some sort of a stirring paddle or mashing paddle, a large boil pot with a thermometer, a wort chiller to cool things down, an auto-siphon to transfer liquid from one vessel to the next, of course, a heating source, and a fermentation vessel with an air-lock. Make sure to sanitize everything before you start.

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