Banana Moonshine Wash


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Banana Moonshine. This segment is on how to make the wash.

Recipe and instructions follow thanks to James B YouTube user

Banana Moonshine Wash
16 lbs – Banana

4 lbs – regular sugar

6 lbs – light brown sugar

2 table spoons – Red Star Distillers Yeast (DADY)

1 tea spoon – Acid Blend

1 table spoon- Yeast Nutrients

Use Star San to clean everything from the start to end …

In a measuring cup get about 3/4 cup to cup of 90 to 100 degree water
add 2 table spoons of regular sugar,
and 2 table spoons of yeast mix and let sit ..

In 5 gallon stainless steel pot with 1 gallon water mix and dissolve
all sugars …
Peel and cut banana into small pieces to be able to mash…
Add to sugar mix as you go then simmer them for 30 minutes when all
smashed ..
Pour all in 8 gallon bucket with strainer bag in bucket after all
simmered …
Then tie bag so banana don\’t get out..
Add cool room temperature water spring water works well…
Add your yeast nutrients, and acid blend..
Make sure temp down to about 70 degree\’s ..
Fill with water up to the 7 gallon mark..
Then add premixed yeast..
Cover and wait about 10 to 18 days to stop bubbling will make 3/4 a
Sanitize stir and everyday stir the banana bag around and then put air
lock back on and so on…
Will take 10 to 18 days to be done …

Will need ..

5 Gallon Elastic Opening Strainer Bags 3 Pieces..

Bucket …

Star San Cleaner..

Red Star Distilling Yeast..

Yeast Nutrients..

Acid Blend..

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