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5 Gallon Copper “Moonshine” Still Kit


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5 Gallon Copper “Moonshine” Still Kit

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5 gallon copper “Moonshine” Still Kit – 100% copper. Step-by-step online assembly video instructions. Machine cut parts, perfectly sized and pre-drilled. Solid copper rivets. YOU NEED – A hammer, locking pliers, plumbing torch, lead free plumbing solder, water soluble plumbing flux, and a sense of adventure! Please note, assembly instructions exist in video format only and are available for free on the manufacturers website. If you do not have a fast or reliable internet connection, a USB memory stick, pre-loaded with all of the videos, is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer. Legal stuff – Buyer assumes any and all liability. Distilling equipment may not be legal for use in some areas. According to federal rules, stills are legal to be owned if not being used, nor intended to be used, to produce alcohol. In other words, if a still is only being used to filter water or make essential oils and these actions do not involve the distillation of alcohol, a still is legal to own, according to federal rules, and no permits are required. Additionally, distillation equipment can legally be used to distill ethanol if the still operator has a federal fuel alcohol permit. The permit is free, is easy to obtain. Rules on distillation vary from state to state. However, in alignment with federal rules, it is illegal to produce alcohol for consumption or for fuel, on the state level, without proper permits. Make sure to check your state requirements for ownership and operation of distillation equipment before purchasing a still. Note: We do not sell to North Carolina residents.

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